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We believe that thorough, quality valuations must encompass a portal of market sources, information and current trends. Harvest compiles statistical, trading, forecasting and issuance information combined with human experience and expertise from active market participants.
We believe that mis-valuation (intentional and complacent) is everywhere and remains a threat to our financial system. We provide affordable, accessible solutions for investment valuations that are transparent, independent and unbiased.
We believe that all securities are not created equally.            Investments are reviewed and priced individually, creating high quality, best-of-breed pricing across the multitude of market sectors.
We believe that independence is a critical component of unbiased valuations.            Harvest avoids conflicts of interest by neither selling nor managing investments (Broker/Dealer, Investment Manager, etc.)
We believe in the human element. With human interaction, understanding and analysis, we get more than a number.            We have a client services team that interacts with you personally to understand each individual's needs.
We believe in confidentiality. Our processes are blind to the ownership of the investments we value.
We believe that quality, thorough investment valuations should be easy to obtain because what you don't know can hurt you (ignorance is NOT bliss). We provide a wide variety of affordable valuation products that offer robust transparency. There are no minimums or set-up fees, and our qualified team is ready to answer your questions.
We believe that the financial reporting community will benefit from deeper understanding and greater transparency. Our team proactively educates by attending, speaking at and contributing to industry conferences and forums on investment valuations issues.
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